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We understand that as new students, you may have questions about the possibility of changing into a major this Summer that is different than the one that you were admitted to originally. That's okay! On this page we will provide you with a little bit of information on the Summer change of major process for majors both within Social Sciences and in other Schools across campus.


Info for students admitted to a major in Social Sciences who wish to change to another major also within Social Sciences:

New Freshmen
Please send an email to prior to the date of your SPOP session with your change of major request. Be sure to include your full name, UCI student ID number, current major, and new requested major in your email. The final deadline for freshmen to request a change of major within Social Sciences is August 23rd.

New Transfer Students
Please indicate your intended change of major when filling out the 2022 Transfer Pre-Advising Survey (deadline June 6th!). An advisor will review your change of major request while evaluating your previous coursework and either confirm your request via email or provide you with more details on how to meet our change of major requirements as part of your academic advising.


Info for students admitted to a major under another School who wish to change to a major within Social Sciences:

All New Students
Social Sciences is not accepting change of major requests from students outside of Social Sciences prior to Fall quarter. Students admitted to another major should complete their new student advising with their current school over the Summer as normal. Then, after September 1st, students interested in changing into one of our majors may email our office to request more information on how to meet the Change of Major Requirements for their intended major and advising on any possible changes to their Fall schedules. These change of major emails may be sent to:


Info for students admitted to a major in Social Sciences who wish to change to a major under another School:

Different Schools at UCI have different policies regarding Summer change of major requests from new students. Below you'll find a chart that shows which Schools are accepting Summer change of major requests, as well as any deadlines or special information needed for submitting your request.

School Program Freshmen Transfers How to Request a Change
Arts Yes (before July 1st)
(Art, Drama & Arts-Undeclared only)
Yes (before July 1st)
(Art & Drama only)
Email Amy Kim (
Biological Sciences No No  
Business No No  
Education Yes Yes Email Zulakha Sheikh (
Engineering No No  
Humanities Yes Yes Freshmen: Email Malinda Pang (
Transfers: Email Maribel Valentin (
Information & Computer Science No No  
Nursing No No  
Pharmaceutical Science No No  
Physical Sciences No Yes (before July 1st) Email PS Student Affairs (
Public Health Yes Yes Email PH Student Affairs (
Social Ecology Yes (before June 15th)
Yes (before June 6th)
(PSCI requires 3.0 GPA)
Social Sciences No No  
Undergraduate / Undeclared Yes Yes Email Norma Arevalo (  


For Schools who are not accepting change of major requests this Summer, students will be required to meet the Change of Major Requirements for their intended major prior to being able to change into that major.


Additional Information for Psychology Majors

Did you know that UCI actually offers another psychology major under the School of Social Ecology? It's true! The School of Social Ecology offers a B.A. in Psychological Science, which is separate from the majors offered under the School of Social Sciences. In an effort to make sure that all of our psychology students at UCI are in the appropriate major for their academic and personal goals, we would like to provide you with a quick explainer on the differences between the psychology majors in Social Sciences and Social Ecology in case the major you were admitted to is not the best one for you.


If you were admitted into the B.A. or B.S. Psychology major and decide that the B.A. Psychological Science major would be a better fit for you, please make sure to submit the change of major request form linked by the School of Social Ecology in the chart above by the posted deadlines in order to change your major this Summer! Otherwise, you will be required to meet the Change of Major Requirements starting in Fall in order to switch majors in the future.


Questions? Concerns?

Please send us an email at with your full name, UCI student ID, and your questions!

All emails are answered by a full-time academic advisor.



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