DUE TO COVID-19, there were special P/NP Exceptions for Spring 2020 and Summer 2020 ONLY. However, these exceptions are no longer in effect beginning in Fall 2020. Please review the information below for Add/Drop/Change Deadlines and information.




To ensure that you are informed of what is the Add/Drop/Change of Grade policy for Spring 2021, please note that the campus is reverting back to our week 2 deadline for adds/drops.

1) Dropping a course: you have until 5:00PM of FRIDAY, APRIL 9th (WEEK 2) to drop a course online using WebReg. IF you require an authorization code to drop a course, it is YOUR responsibility to obtain that code BEFORE the deadline.

2) Adding a course: you have until 5:00PM of APRIL 9th (WEEK 2) to add a course online using WebReg. IF you require an authorization code to add a course, it is YOUR responsibility to obtain that code BEFORE the deadline. Please make sure to speak with the professor before you add into a course late to see how much work you need to make up.

3) Changing a grade option: you have until 5:00PM of APRIL 9th (WEEK 2) to change your grade option (grade to P/NP or vice versa) online using WebReg. After week 2, you would use Student Access > Applications > Enrollment Exceptions to change your option. Students may submit grade option change requests until 5:00PM on Friday, JUNE 4th (week 10).

IF you are waitlisted for a course and have not been attending or do not wish to be added, it is YOUR responsibility to drop the waitlisted course. Please check your Study List and waitlist to make sure you are not added at the last minute, so be proactive and drop the course ahead of time.

MAJOR-required courses and courses to be used for the School's Math requirement must be taken for a letter grade.

Any course you have previously taken for a letter grade and are repeating this quarter must also be taken for a letter grade.


It is important when making the decision to take a course for P/NP or for a letter grade that you keep in mind the following:

  • To receive a "P" for Pass and to get credit/units, you must earn a grade of "C" or better. However, if a course is taken for a letter grade, the minimum grade needed for credit would be at least a "D-" in most courses. This is especially important to note for graduating students, who are trying to fulfill their last requirements to graduate. You will need to weigh the risk of taking a course P/NP and not receiving credit if you earn the equivalent of a "C-" or lower.
  • If you are planning to change your major or add a double major, you will be responsible for adhering to the corresponding School's P/NP policy.
  • All writing courses (GE Category I: Writing) must be completed with a grade of "C" or better ("P" for pass, if taking the course for P/NP). If you are taking an upper-division writing course in your major, you must take the course for a letter grade. 
  • If you are retaking a course that was originally for a LETTER GRADE, you must retake the course for a LETTER GRADE ONLY - there are no exceptions.
  • It is recommended that you see how you are doing in the courses throughout the quarter. You have until 5PM on Friday of Week 10 to submit a request to change the grade option of a non-major course. (No grade option changes can be made after that time - no further exceptions are permitted)

PLEASE NOTE: All MAJOR and MATH courses must be completed for letter grade only.


You would submit your request to change the grade option via Student Access > Applications > Enrollment Exception
 Deadline: By 5PM on Friday, June 4th (Week 10)

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To ensure academic success, you should carefully consider whether to use the Pass/No Pass grading option.


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