New Student Information for Fall 2022

School of Social Sciences | Undergraduate Student Affairs Office


Welcome to the School of Social Sciences at the University of California, Irvine!

We are delighted that you will be joining our amazing community of UCI Anteaters here in Social Sciences. Our goal here in the Undergraduate Student Affairs Office is to make sure that all of our students are able to be successful in their academic journey here at UCI, and that starts right from the beginning with our new student advising. Please read the information provided below to find out more about how you can receive advising from our office this summer and get set up for a successful first Fall quarter!



Getting Started

As a new Anteater, there are a few administrative tasks you will need to complete in order to prepare for your summer orientation and advising sessions. Please read through this list carefully, and make sure that you are completing these tasks as soon as you can after submitting your positive Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) at UCI!

  1. Activate your UCINetID
    The first thing you need to do is activate your UCINetID and set your password! Your UCINetID will be your login for all your UCI student accounts, so it's important to get that set-up ASAP. Information on how to activate your UCINetID can be found here.
  2. Enroll in DUO
    All UCI students, staff, and faculty are required to enroll in the DUO multi-factor authenatiation application in order to access their UCI accounts. Therefore, it's very important that you enroll in DUO as soon as you activate your UCINetID so that you don't run into any issues logging into your student record or accessing your email. Information on enrolling in DUO can be found here.
  3. Set up your UCI Gmail account
    After your UCINetID is activated, you'll want to set up your UCI Gmail account so that you can access your student email. In order to setup your Gmail account, you just need to visit and input your UCI email address ( From there you will be asked to login using your UCINetID and password, which will then take you to your UCI Gmail account!
  4. Submit all transcripts, test scores, etc. to Admissions
    The deadline to submit all documents to Admissions is July 1st! Please make sure you you carefully review the Checklist in your Applicant Portal to ensure that all your documents and scores are submitted prior to the deadline (so that you do not end up with any holds on your student record that can prevent enrollment in Fall classes!)



Important Reminders!

Visit your Applicant Portal frequently for important messages and updates from the UCI Office of Admissions!

Once you have activated your UCI Gmail account, make sure you are checking your UCI student email regularly! After the initial welcome emails are sent to you at the personal email address included on your UC Application, all future emails from our office will be sent directly to your UCI student email.



New Freshmen Students

As an incoming freshman student at UCI, you are required to attend an orientation session this summer, also known as SPOP (Student Parent Orientation Program)!

In-person summer orientation is mandatory for all new freshman students. You should have already received an email from regarding how to register for SPOP.

Click the button below for more details about the first-year orientation programs:

UCI First-Year Orientation


As part of your SPOP session, you will meet with our academic advisors and peer academic advisors who will assist you with enrolling in your Fall classes.

For more information on your freshman advising session with Social Sciences, please click the button below:


Social Sciences Freshman Advising




New Transfer Students

All incoming transfer students in the School of Social Sciences are required to complete an online orientation program (Transfer SPOP), as well as a mandatory transfer advising session with our Social Sciences advisors, which you will register for separately. During your Social Sciences transfer advising session, you will meet with our advisors and peer academic advisors who will assist you with enrolling in your Fall classes.

For more details about the online orientation program for transfer students, please click the button below:


UCI Transfer Orientation


For more information on your transfer advising with Social Sciences, please click the button below:


Social Sciences Transfer Advising




New International Freshmen Students

For more information on advising for new international freshmen students with Social Sciences, please click the button below:


Social Sciences International Freshmen Advising




Questions? Concerns?

Please contact our office via email at the correct email addresses below:

Always include your full name and UCI ID number in all correspondence, and be sure to write from your UCI email address! All emails are answered by a full-time academic advisor, and we try to reply within 2-3 business days.




Congratulations again on your decision to attend UCI this Fall!

We look forward to meeting you this Summer!




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