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Summer Sessions Prerequisite Clearance Form

Petition for Excess Units for Summer Sessions - Please read information below:

If you have a UC cumulative GPA of at least 3.0, then your excess units have been approved for the summer by the School of Social Sciences for a total of Summer Session I - 12 units, Summer Session II - 12 units, 10 week session - 4 units.  Currently, you are allowed to enroll in up to 12 units for one session and 8 units for the other without prior authorization.

First enroll and pay your fees online ( for the allotted amount of units in Summer Session I and II (20 units total, 8 in one session, 12 in the other).  After you have done so and wish to enroll in more units, email the UCI Summer Session office at  Be sure to mention that you have been approved for excess units by the School of Social Sciences.  A UCI staff member will then reach out to you to help process your enrollment.

Due to the volume of requests received each day by UCI Summer Session, please allow a few days response time regarding this request.  If you have any questions regarding enrollment in summer at UCI, please contact the UCI Summer Session office directly via email at

Please Note: UCI Summer Session moves at a faster pace than a regular academic quarter.  Material normally covered during 10 weeks will now be covered in 5 weeks for Summer Session I and II.  Taking 8 units within one 5-week summer session is equivalent to taking 16-20 units during the academic quarter.  Please keep this in mind as you consider enrolling into excess units during the summer at UCI.

The maximum units the School of Social Sciences will allow in an entire summer session is a total of 28 units. This would equate to 12 units in SSI, 12 units in SSII and 4 units in 10-week maximum. No exceptions will be allowed regardless of reason.




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