Welcome to the Social Sciences Live Chat

Social Sciences Live Chat is an online live chat service available for CURRENT UCI STUDENTS to ask general advising related questions. Academic Advisors/Peer Academic Advisors in the School of Social Sciences are available to answer general questions related to the following:

  • Policies and Procedures
  • Degree Requirements for Social Sciences Majors
  • Change of Major Requirements for Social Sciences Majors
  • Prerequisite Information/Prerequisite Clearance
  • Enrollment Issues
  • Excess Unit Request
  • Course Offering Information

Live Chat is intended for questions that can be answered quickly. Questions/advisement requiring more time should be emailed to socsci@uci.edu. NOTE: Live Chat is NOT intended to answer questions related to:

  • Fall courses and/or transcript evaluations for prospective students (these topics will be covered during summer orientation and academic advising)
  • Career Counseling
  • Admissions Counseling
  • Transcript Evaluation
  • Graduation Checks
  • Creating a Study Plan
  • Academic Probation or Disqualification
  • Personal/Crisis/Mental Health Counseling

Live Chat is not available for Personal/Crisis/Mental Health Counseling. UC Irvine students in need of these services should contact the UCI Counseling Center directly: http://www.counseling.uci.edu/

Please Note: The academic advisor reserves the right to end a chat for reasons included (but not limited to) those listed below:

  • Asking questions related to those listed in the "NOT" section above, however, we will provide referrals to correct campus resources, if necessary.
  • Using chat multiple times in one day. Instead, consider collecting your thoughts and questions and emailing ONE academic advisor.
  • Asking for exceptions to policies regarding prerequisites, excess units, etc. We will not be making any exceptions to policies.
  • Refusing to provide your own UCI ID Number and accurate information.


Please visit our Academic Advising page for other advising methods when Live Chat is unavailable. https://www.undergrad.socsci.uci.edu/ssusa/advising.php. 


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Confidentiality Agreement / User Agreement by Participating in the CHAT the user agrees with the following terms:

  • UCINetID is required to participate in chat.
  • All responses to academic advisors are considered part of a student's academic record.
  • Your information will not be shared with any non-UCI entities.
  • Any violation of University policies regarding inappropriate communication, sexual harassment, or violent language will be reported to the Office of Student Conduct and/or the UCI Police Department.
  • By using Soc Sci Live Chat you are confirming your identity associated with your UCINetID and you agree to the terms listed above. The School of Social Sciences is not responsible for uncertain identity.


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