This is information for School of Social Sciences majors and minors who plan to study abroad on either UCEAP or IOP.
For most Social Sciences' students, it is best to take upper division major requirements and electives while abroad. GE requirements may be more difficult to find abroad, since these courses must be lower division, introductory courses. GE Category IB: Upper division writing must be completed here at UCI.


Social Sciences Study Abroad Peer Mentors

If you've just started thinking of studying abroad, visit our study abroad peer mentors on a walk-in (office hours listed below). Both are study abroad returnees and can answer your questions about the study abroad process!

Study Abroad Peer Mentors Fall 2018 Office Hours

Education Abroad Program (EAP)

  1. Visit the Study Abroad Center and explore their website.
  2. Consult EAP course catalog.
  3. Collect course descriptions and syllabi of courses you are hoping to take.
  4. RECOMMENDED: Fill out the online Social Sciences EAP Academic Planning Tool for your major(s)/minors(s). This would be done once you been accepted for EAP and a course list is available for when you will be going on your program.

PLEASE NOTE: For courses to be approved for your major requirements, they must transfer for at least 4 quarter units and be completed for a letter grade only.
The Study Abroad Advisors in the School of Social Sciences are listed below. Find your major(s)/minor(s) below to fill out our EAP Academic Planning Tool.

For those pursuing more than one major and/or minor in the School of Social Sciences, please submit the EAP Academic Planning Tool for the major that you plan on taking most of your coursework in while abroad.  

Kurt Hessinger

Majors: International Studies, Political Science
Minors: International Studies, Political Science, Conflict Resolution
Online Form:  Social Sciences EAP Academic Planning Tool

Katrina Tomas

Majors: Business Economics, Economics, Quantitative Economics
Minors: Economics
Online Form:  Social Sciences EAP Academic Planning Tool

Estela Magaña

Majors: Anthropology, Chicano/Latino Studies, Cognitive Sciences, Language Science, Psychology, Sociology, Social Policy & Public Service
Minors: Anthropology, Chicano/Latino Studies, Hearing & Speech Sciences, Linguistics, Medical Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology
Online Form:  Social Sciences EAP Academic Planning Tool


International Opportunities Program (IOP)

  1. Contact the Study Abroad Center for information regarding IOP and the IOP Academic Planning Tool online.
  2. Complete the online IOP Academic Planning Tool with all courses you may take while abroad.
  3. This will be reviewed by the Study Abroad Center, as well as our office online for a preliminary evaluation. The Office of Admissions determines if courses are UC-transferable for units.

Make sure to bring back the course syllabi for all courses taken abroad. Once the transcripts have been processed, please call (949) 824-6803 to schedule an appointment for the final evaluation with the Social Sciences Undergraduate Student Affairs.

PLEASE NOTE: For courses to be approved for your major requirements, they must transfer for at least 4 quarter units and be completed for a letter grade only. 


Upon Return

Once your grades have posted on your UCI transcript (UCEAP) or the credit has posted on your UCI transcript (IOP), you can contact the academic counselor listed for your major(s)/minor(s), so they can update your Degreeworks.
Optional: Call our office at 949-824-6803 for a study abroad return appointment. This can be done once your courses have posted on your official transcript.
Make sure to keep all syllabi, since course petitions may be required.

NOTE: If you are studying abroad in your last quarter, it is best to apply to graduate for the quarter following your program. For instance, if you will be studying abroad in Fall Quarter, apply to graduate in Winter Quarter. We may need the additional time to wait for your courses to post on your UCI transcript.


Study Abroad Center

The Study Abroad Center includes the Education Abroad Program (EAP) and the International Opportunities Program (IOP). Study Abroad Center is a comprehensive resource and counseling center which helps students take advantage of the many worldwide opportunities that exist for study, work, internship, volunteering, research, and non-credentialed teaching which relates to their degree programs at UCI. Professional staff and international peer advisors, who have returned from an IOP or EAP experience, are available to guide students in making appropriate choices of international programs for their educational goals. Group and individual advising is available as well as information sessions for their various programs.

1100 Student Services II (across Ring Road from the UCI Bookstore)

Hours: Monday - Friday from 10:00am-4:00pm
Phone: (949) 824-6343
Fax: (949) 824-9133


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