For administrative questions concerning academic policies, academic and career planning, internships, research opportunities, student employment opportunities, contact the Office of the Associate Dean. The office also supports school outreach programs and various student organizations.


Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies

Jeanett Castellanos

Associate Dean's Office

Nora Beik
Jasmine Esquivias
Rachel (Fumo) Neer
Angel Salazar
Karissa Sorenson


For academic questions concerning course planning, change of major requests, financial aid appeals, course substitutions, and information regarding honors, contact the Social Sciences Undergraduate Student Affairs Office at (949) 824-6803.

Undergraduate Student Affairs Office

Undergraduate Student Affairs Office
(top): Samantha Cheng, Helen Morgan, Kurt Hessinger
(middle): Sarah McDougall, Nayeli Lopez, Karen Garcia
(bottom): Estela Magaña, Lisha Lei, Chika Kono, Jasmine Pickering



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