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The Office of the Associate Dean offers a certificate in Labor Studies. The certificate takes a broader approach to labor focusing on the individual and less on the economy – it will help prepare the next generation of labor organizers. Courses selected for the certificate focus on labor history, collective bargaining, labor laws, policies, and the social, cultural, and political life of workers.

Students are required to take four Labor Studies related courses. Students completing this certificate will develop knowledge for careers in social policy, business development, labor management and relations, human resources, governance, and labor law. Students must earn a C or better to attain credit toward the certificate.

Download a PDF version of this certificate here.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge of labor as a social, political, cultural, and economic force
  • Understand labor laws in the US
  • Demonstrate an understanding of collective bargaining and negotiation strategies
  • Identify the relationship between the labor movement and the struggle for civil rights
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the role of labor and unions in relation to multiracial and multicultural communities

Available Courses

Completion of four (4) of the courses listed below are required

  • Anthro 129 | Anthropolgy of Work
  • AsianAm 137 | Asian American Labor
  • Chc/Lat 156W | Chicano/Latinos & Labor
  • History 70C | US Labor History
  • Intl St 15 | Global Political Economy
  • Intl St 104A | Global Trafficking
  • Sociol 68 | Gender and Race Inequality in the Workplace
  • Sociol 142 | White Collar Crime
  • Sociol 158C or 158CW | Money, Work, and Social Life

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