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Online Academic Advising is only approved for School of Social Sciences students who are International freshmen students that have registered to attend the International Student Parent Orientation Program (ISPOP) in September.

Please read the steps below carefully and follow the directions:


STEP 1 - Check your My Admission Page

and submit any missing documents to the Office of Admissions. This includes submission of all Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and/or A-Level test scores.
Also make sure that your high school transcript/diploma and any other college/university transcripts are submitted, as required by the Office of Admissions.

Failure to submit all required documents could result in your admission being taken away, so make sure that all your records were received by the Office of Admissions!


STEP 2 - Watch the School of Social Sciences Online Academic Advising Presentation


This presentation is approximately 20 minutes in length. It is best viewed on a desktop, laptop, or tablet. Please watch the entire presentation, take notes, and pay close attention to the information that is covered. You may pause or replay the videos as needed. Students are responsible for all of the information covered in this presentation.


STEP 3 - Review the Testing Center website and take any necessary placement tests (e.g., Calculus)

Calculus Placement Exam

*International students attending ISPOP will automatically be registered for the Academic English (AE) Placement Exam.
AE Exam is required for all international students unless you've been told otherwise.
The results will be available within a few days after you take the test. Once you have your results, add the appropriate writing AE (AcEng 20A/20B/20C/20D) course to your schedule.
It is mandatory for you to take an AE class in Fall.


STEP 4 - Email Academic Counselor for Proposed Schedule

After you have watched the online advising presentation, please email the Social Sciences Student Affairs Office at using your UCI email account. Any emails from a non-UCI account will not be reviewed.

Attach screenshots of your AP/IB/A-Level test scores to the email, even if you have sent them to UCI already. If your scores are not released yet (we know that some A-Level results won't be available until mid-August), at least list the exams you took and the scores you expect, realistically. As soon as the exam results are released, please email us with them (this is to ensure that we place you in proper classes).

It is recommended that you check on MyAdmission page under "My Tests" to see if they were received by the Office of Admissions. Check to make sure that all tests and scores are listed as "official". If the tests are not listed or a score is missing, you must request the scores be sent to UCI immediately.

If you are attaching a screenshot, make sure that your name is visible on the same page as the test name(s) and score(s).

Please follow the email format provided below to request a proposed Fall 2018 Quarter schedule:

Subject: New International Student Advising

I am a new international student approved to complete Online Academic Advising. I am requesting a proposed Fall 2018 Quarter schedule. Thank you!


My UCI Student Identification number (#) is (INSERT YOUR 8-digit UCI Student ID NUMBER).

My major is (INSERT YOUR MAJOR).


These are the tests I have taken and the scores I have received:



For example,

AP Calculus BC Exam = Score 5

*If you did not take any AP, IB, or A-Level exams, state that you did not take any exams.


STEP 5 - Wait to hear back from the School of Social Sciences Academic Counselor.

You will receive an email response from one of the Academic Counselors from the School of Social Sciences within 5-7 business days.

(Please note that we do not work on Saturdays and Sundays. Any e-mails received after 3 PM on Friday will not be looked at until Monday.

Please do not e-mail multiple times. We thank you for your patience.)

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