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As an incoming Fall 2019 transfer student, you currently have a HOLD on your record from the School of Social Sciences. If you were approved for alternate advising, the final part of summer advising will take place via email by mid to end August. Your hold will be removed at that time. Please check the email you listed on your exception request form regularly.

NOTE: If you have NOT received a confirmation email stating 'you were granted an exception to mandatory in-person academic advising', you MUST first fill out this form and receive a confirmation email.


Please review the following timeline and complete the steps.

At this point, you should have completed the first two. You will complete #3 with the video presentations on this webpage:

  1. Request an exception to in-person advising via online form and upload unofficial transcripts
  2. Receive a confirmation email approving alternate advising
  3. Watch the following presentations and follow along with any documents attached to your email titled "REQUIRED: Fall 2019 Transfer Summer Advising - FULL Presentation Information" **
    • Fall 2019 New Transfer Student Presentation
    • Major Overview Presentations
  4. By mid to end August, you will receive an email with your personal degree check and course recommendations. Please read the full email. Do NOT skip over any of the information.
  5. After reading the full email and reviewing the information given, you may enroll into Fall quarter courses.


If you have any questions, you can email us at transferadmit@socsci.uci.edu - this email will remain active until the end of summer.
NOTE: Once Fall Quarter begins, this email will be inactive. You will need to use your UCI email address when corresponding with our office once Fall Quarter begins.



Please begin by watching the FULL presentation for all Fall 2019 transfer students in the School of Social Sciences. AFTER you complete this presentation, please move on to the Major Overview Presentations.

**For your convenience, we have linked the pdf attached to you email, "TR Advising Worksheet" here. We recommend printing and filling it out while watching the presentation.


Fall 2019 New Transfer Student Presentation


After completing the above presentation, please find the presentation for your admitted major. A copy of the degree check for each major is linked above with the corresponding presentation. You may print it out if you wish to follow along with the presentation.

NOTE: your personal degree check, evaluated based on your unofficial transcripts will be emailed to you in step 4 of the alternate advising process.



Please find your admitted major below and view the presentation in full screen.


Anthropology (Degree Check)


Business Economics (Degree Check)



Economics (Degree Check)


International Studies (Degree Check)



Political Science (Degree Check)


Psychology (Degree Check)



Language Science (Degree Check)


Social Policy & Public Service (Degree Check)



Sociology (Degree Check)





For any questions, email us at transferadmit@socsci.uci.edu and check your email daily for the final portion of your alternate advising (there is a possibility that you will receive this email prior to mid/end August).

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