For majors or prospective majors in the School of Social Sciences, please note the following about the Pass/No Pass grades (P/NP) for the Fall 2020 quarter as follows: 

  • All major related courses must be taken for a letter grade.
  • The School of Social Sciences' Math Requirement must be completed for a letter grade.
  • Non-major related courses can be taken for P/NP.
  • Students will be able to change their grade options, both letter grade to P/NP and P/NP to letter grade through Wednesday of Week 8, November 25th before 5PM for Fall Quarter.
  • Courses taken P/NP will not count toward the 12-unit overall graduation cap on these courses.
  • Students on academic probation may enroll in courses with the P/NP option in the Fall 2020 term.
  • Courses to complete General Education Category I: Writing must be completed with a grade of "C" or better ("P" for pass, if taking it for P/NP)

PLEASE NOTE - For FALL QUARTER 2020 ONLY, there will be no limit on how many P/NP units in which you may enroll (in a traditional quarter, students may only enroll in an average of four units of P/NP per quarter). However, please note - ALL MAJOR REQUIREMENTS, MATH and ELECTIVES WITHIN YOUR MAJOR MUST BE TAKEN FOR A LETTER GRADE (this is different from what the campus allowed in Spring and Summer 2020).

It is important when making the decision to take a course for P/NP or for a letter grade that you keep in mind the following:

  • To receive a "P" for Pass and to get credit/units, you must earn a grade of "C" or better. However, if a course is taken for a letter grade, the minimum grade needed for credit would be at least a "D-" in most courses. This is especially important to note for graduating students, who are trying to fulfill their last requirements to graduate. You will need to weigh the risk of taking a course P/NP and not receiving credit if you earn the equivalent of a "C-" or lower.
  • If you are planning to change your major or add a double major, you will be responsible for adhering to the corresponding School's P/NP policy.
  • Writing courses must be completed with a grade of "C" or better ("P" for pass, if taking the course for P/NP)
  • If you are retaking a course that was originally for a LETTER GRADE, you must retake the course for a LETTER GRADE ONLY - there are no exceptions.
  • It is recommended that you see how you are doing in the courses throughout the quarter. You have until 5PM on Wednesday of Week 8 - November 25th (the day before the Thanksgiving Holiday closure) to submit a request to change the grade option of a non-major course. (No grade option changes can be made after that time)

You would submit your request to change the grade option via Student Access > Applications > Enrollment Exception
 Deadline: By 5PM on Wednesday, November 25th (Week 8)

COVID-19 Fall 2020 P/NP FAQ

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FALL 2020

To ensure academic success, you should carefully consider whether to use the Pass/No Pass grading option.


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