The Academic Senate at UCI, which governs academic regulations at UC Irvine, has authorized adjustments to existing undergraduate regulations on Pass/No Pass grades (P/NP) for the Spring 2020 and Summer 2020 quarters only as follows:

  • All undergraduate courses will offer P/NP grading as an option. It is the student's choice as to whether they wish to take the course for letter grade or P/NP.
  • Academic deans and departments are encouraged, but not required, to allow courses taken P/NP to fulfill school and major requirements.
  • Students will be able to change their grade options, both letter grade to P/NP and P/NP to letter grade through the end of the 10th week (before 5PM) for Spring 2020. For Summer 2020, they can change their grade options through the end of instruction for the session in which they are enrolled. (Summer Academic Calendar)
  • Courses taken P/NP will not count toward the 12-unit overall graduation cap on these courses.
  • Students on academic probation may enroll in courses with the P/NP option in the Spring 2020 and Summer 2020 terms.
  • Courses to complete General Education Category I: Writing must be completed with a grade of "C" or better ("P" for pass, if taking it for P/NP)
  • NOTE: The Senate recently extended these adjustments to allow students to take certain Writing courses - Writing 37, Writing 39A, Writing 39AP on a P/NP basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

PLEASE NOTE - For SPRING QUARTER 2020 AND SUMMER 2020 ONLY, the School of Social Sciences will allow "P" for PASS to count towards Change of Major Requirements, School, and Major Requirements. It is important when making the decision that you keep in mind the following:

  • To receive a "P" for Pass and to get credit/units, you must earn a grade of "C" or better. However, if a course is taken for a letter grade, the minimum grade needed for credit would be at least a "D-." This is especially important to note for graduating students, who are trying to fulfill their last requirements to graduate.
  • Writing courses must be completed with a grade of "C" or better ("P" for pass, if taking it for P/NP)
  • If you are retaking a course that was originally for a LETTER GRADE, you must retake the course for a LETTER GRADE ONLY, no exceptions.
  • It is recommended that you see how you are doing in the courses throughout the quarter. You have until Friday of Week 10 (before 5PM) for Spring 2020 to change the grade option of a course. (No grade option changes can be made after that time)

Additional Information to Consider about P/NP

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SPRING 2020 & SUMMER 2020

To ensure academic success, you should carefully consider whether to use the Pass/No Pass grading option.


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